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OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)


The Stotts Group is passionate about eye care and more importantly your visual health, we understand that sight is your most precious sense. That’s why we have invested in excess of £250,000 on state of the art 3D screening technology to enable us to look after your eye’s as effectively as possible.

Optical Coherence Tomography, otherwise known as OCT, can be compared to an ultrasound scan and is a new and exciting technique available at our practices across the North West. This incredible technology provides us with high resolution, cross-sectional images of your eyes, combined with detailed analysis of your underlying (usually hidden) retina and optic nerve.

What does this mean for you?

The Stotts Group, are amongst the earliest optician practices in the North West to offer this new technique that provides a unique look and insight into your eyes. 3D OCT advanced screening offers a number of benefits to each individual patient. This non-invasive, painless imaging service takes minutes and allows us to instantly detect, diagnose and in many cases prevent sight debilitating eye conditions.

Did you know?

80% of sight destroying eye conditions can be prevented/treated with early detection.

The scan is non-invasive, painless, simple and quick. What’s more the software can automatically detect even the subtlest changes to the retina with every eye test you take. This gives you an invaluable on-going record of the health and condition of your eyes.



OCT allows our optometrists to diagnose a potential eye condition at the earliest possible stage making treatment far more effective and giving you total piece of mind, something which many other practices cannot offer.

For more information on Optical Coherence Tomography or to book an appointment, contact our team at your nearest branch today.