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Boss by Hugo Boss

It was the year of 1924 in the small town of Stuttgart, Germany that a young Hugo Boss began his exquisite work. Starting up as a clothing company in Metzingen Germany where the brand is still based, Hugo Boss was and is to this day globally acclaimed for it’s innovation, style, and bold fashion statements whether it be through their clothing range or their assortment of branded perfumes. It is no wonder why they are spotted repeatedly gliding down the red carpet oozing with brilliance and delivering a dash of that oft admired je ne sais quoi chic.

Boss By Hugo Boss are as renowned for their array of premium designer glasses and sunglasses as they are for their wardrobe collections. From launching their first ever licensed sunglasses collection back in 1989, Boss By Hugo Boss have gone from strength to strength and are now among the crème de la crème of household brands supplying a beautiful concoction of luxury, on trend Eyewear. If you are seeking a harmonious balance of modern-meets-classic twist, then this is unarguably a brand that you must uncover.

Boss By Hugo Boss deliver glamour and elegance in their latest eyewear ranges; timeless and coated in opulence. Don’t mind if we do!


BOSS 0572 2JT

BOSS 0521/S IKG (TD)

BOSS 0512 807

BOSS 0509/S BDY (HA)

*Subject to availability. Prices may vary.