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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are now more popular than ever and a viable alternative to spectacles. At Stotts Opticians we fit all types of Contact Lenses from Daily disposable lenses to the more complex multifocal soft and gas permeable lenses.

Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • More natural vision than spectacles.
  • Ideal for sport.
  • They give a wider field of vision.
  • They can be changed to suit your personality or moods with different colours, images or patterns.

With the aid of computerised corneal topography, we can now fit the most complex corneas, such as patients with Kerataconus, with the optimum lenses for comfort and vision. Please enquire about the new lenses which enable vision to be corrected without wearing contact lenses or spectacles.

For further information about the products we recommend, visit our suppliers’ websites below.