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Encompassing all the beauty and vigour that Italy has to offer, this Italian luxury fashion house has been among the elite flying household brands ever since their founding in 1925 Rome by Edoardo and Adele Fendi. A brand renowned for their innovation, continuing creativity, and a passion for impeccable craftsmanship can only result in one thing; Global domination.

From specialities in an impressive array of fields ranging from fur, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, and accessories, to a magnitude of premium Eyewear, Fendi have placed themselves on an idyllic fashion pedestal with a worldwide following in tow.

Fendi’s acute eye for detail and elegance is exposed in the very heart of their collection in designer eyewear. With an ability to captivate their audience, the brands abundance of luxury glasses and sunglasses are certain to impress all who dare.

Each frame has a zest for individuality; bold and exciting colour palates are expressed through their retro-chic trends and styles to suit every fashion-conscious soul.


FF0021/S 7UU (HA)

FF0055 7TA

FF0018/S 7SG (QH)

FF0038 SLI

*Subject to availability. Prices may vary.