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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs; one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to the Time Magazine in America, has been referred to as a “God” by fellow fashion followers. Quite a fitting description some may say! Jacobs, who accepts nothing less than perfection in the name of fashion, has over 200 retail stores in over 79 countries, which is only indicative of the fact that he has carved and nurtured his talent as a designer since the tender age of 15 and has now reached said title – God amidst the fashion houses of the world.

There simply isn’t a corner of the industry that Jacobs hasn’t conquered and his popularity amongst A-listers is as booming as ever. Marc Jacobs’ ever-growing universality, whether it be for his heavenly handbags, his array of clothing attire, his luscious shoes or his collections of premium designer eyewear, is perpetually doused in the Jacobs spirit; sophistication, precision, and luxuriousness are at the very foundation of the brands adored ideology.

From vintage to modern sophistication, the Marc Jacobs Eyewear range echoes personality. With their bold colours, premium acetates and retro flair, this luxurious brand really isn’t one to hide away from it’s crowd.

Their latest collections are simply a must have for all fashion-conscious wardrobes. A go-to brand for every occasion. Always.


Marc Jacobs MJ 498 CDT

Marc Jacobs MJ 510

Marc Jacobs MJ 525-S 6PK (Y1)

Marc Jacobs MJ 557-S 0KH (S9)

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