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Founded by a young glass-cutting apprentice, Daniel Swarovski, in 1895, this exquisite range in designer eyewear is a harmonious blend of eyewear-meets-jewellery, promising to add a little extra frosting to every wardrobe. Swarovski has mastered and graced us worldwide with his extensive designs in premium jewelry, watches, figurines, home accessries, luxury eyewear and so much more.

It was perhaps fate that Swarovski was destined for greatness. This bohemian delight of a designer followed at first in his ancestors footsteps as he carried out his glass-cutting apprenticeship alongside his grandfather who owned his very own glass factory. Little though the business was, it infused and encouraged Swarovski’s creativity and skill thus his passion for the art came quite beautifully into fruition.

Swarovski, now the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crytals merged with premium optics, delivers a fine collection of acetate and metal materials ranging in an asortment of stunning colour palates with clear crystal accents. The alluring collection in eyewear secretes and celebrates both their inspiring on-trend nature and their ability to innovate through the years, breaking new barriers and creating new paradigym’s of fashion. Evoking elegence in it’s truest form through a mesmerizing range in exceptionally hand crafted designer eyewear.


Swarovski SK5115 052

Swarovski SK5127 072

Swarovski SK0082 01B

Swarovski SK0037 32B

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