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Cataract Referral

Having to alter your everyday activities due to your cataracts? If your answer is yes and / or you feel that you may need an up to date eye examination, then you’re in the right place.

Your optician at our branches in Nelson, Urmston, Unsworth, Burnley, Chorley, and Swinton will be able to offer their expertize on this subject and provide their support to each individual patient both pre and post cataract referral. During your appointment with us, your optician will carry out a thorough examination and if they determine that it is required, you will then be referred to a consultant for further investigations for a possible cataract operation.

Cataract surgery should be considered when your vision is interfering with your everyday life. It most certainly doesn’t have to be at a very advanced stage before surgery is an option. Surprisingly to some, it is the most common operation performed in the UK, with more than 300,000 procedures carried out each year.

Our after care service is something that Stotts take great pride in; to offer each of our patients the support, advise, and expertize that is required in such circumstances is integral for all of our practices, and all of our patients.

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