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Who Should Have An Eye Examination?

Who Should Have An Eye Examination?
who should have an eye test

This is a query that has been raised quite frequently. In all honesty, there is no one answer to this question folks! It is however a FACT that regular eye examinations are of utmost importance for EVERYONE – all adults and children, regardless of age and physical health. It is recommended that for most people, an eye examination should occur every two years unless you are advised otherwise by your ophthalmic practitioner and in these cases, you may have to be tested more regularly.

In children, it has been noted that they rarely complain about their sight, however attention must be payed to the signs that indicate they may be struggling with their vision! Children may show some of the below visible signs which serve as indicators that they are having visual difficulties;

  • If they are sitting too close to the TV
  • Holding objects closely to their face
  • If they blinking a lotand or more often than usual
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently
  • If one eye is turning in or out

who should have an eye test

Usually, children’s eyes will be tested regularly every two years however they can be tested more often if advised to do so. If you feel that your child is having difficulties with their eye sight, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly optical experts with your queries and/or to book an appointment at your local branch.

We are thrilled to advise that we are now ideally based across the North West in six Practices in the areas of Urmston, Unsworth, Burnley, Swinton, Chorley, and Nelson.

Alike children, it is possible for any person of any age to develop problems with their site, however, some groups may be at a higher risk;

  • If you are over 60
  • If you are from some ethnic groups such as African-Caribbean or South Asian.
  • If you have a learning disability
  • If you have a family history of eye disease.


If you have an increased risk of being susceptible to eye problems, it is intrinsic that you keep your sight tests regular.

Contact our friendly optical experts today for more details and advice.