The journey of your child's vision development is a crucial one, spanning from childhood through adolescence. Regular eye examinations play a pivotal role in nurturing their growing eyesight. At Stotts Opticians, we understand the importance of these precious moments and offer comprehensive eye care tailored to your child's needs. Our friendly and approachable staff ensure that every visit to Stotts Opticians is comfortable and well-considered, both for you and your child.

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Fantastic service as always. The staff have a very caring nature and always 100% professional. My children always enjoy going here and are always welcomed with a warm heart. Five stars from us!

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Stress-free Eye Tests

An eye test can feel overwhelming for young children, which is why we create a welcoming and enjoyable environment. You are encouraged to stay with your child throughout the entire eye examination, ensuring transparency and comfort. It's beneficial to have children tested before they start primary school, as this allows us to assess not only their vision but also the health of their eye muscles and associated structures. While schools may conduct basic vision tests, they are not as comprehensive as a thorough eye examination by an optician. Therefore, it's essential to schedule regular eye tests for children, as their vision can change over time. At Stotts Opticians, we prioritise your child's eye health, providing thorough evaluations and early detection of any medical concerns.