We constantly invest in the latest and best lens technology to ensure your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible, so come and experience vision perfection with the world's leading lens experts. Discover digitally enhanced, custom-made lenses tailored to your lifestyle at our North West locations in Urmston, Unsworth, and Swinton and let our eyewear experts guide you to your ideal pair.

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Woman wearing independent designer glasses in an opticians in Swinton Stotts Opticians
Independent designer glasses Francis Klein frames Stotts Opticians Unsworth Bury Manchester
Woman wearing new Coco Song designer glasses with anti glare and ultra clear lenses

(Almost) Invisible Lenses!

Prepare for a transformative eyewear experience with our revolutionary anti-reflection coating, offering visual clarity with 10 times less reflectivity and hydrophobic, scratch-resistant features. Easier to see, easier to clean - say goodbye to glare and hello to crystal-clear vision.

Woman wearing thin lenses in her new designer frames from independent designer Woody's at Stotts Opticians Unsworth Bury Manchester

Thinnest Lenses - Ever!

Our exclusive lens technology delivers the world's thinnest lenses, surpassing 99.9% of opticians worldwide. Unlike traditional lenses, they provide ultra comfort and style, even with higher prescriptions.

Woman collecting new independent designer sunglasses by Woody's in Stotts Opticians Swinton

Adaptive to Light Lenses

Say farewell to bothersome glare with our unique selection of photochromic lens designs, available in a variety of colour options. These lenses adapt to changing light conditions, transitioning from clear indoors to dark outdoors, providing comfort and convenience.

Man wearing polarised designer sunglasses with gold varifocals lenses at Stotts Opticians Urmston Manchester

Polarised Lenses

Unlike regular sunglasses, our polarising lenses effectively eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water, and snow, ensuring optimal visibility in bright conditions. Visit us at Stotts Opticians to discover the perfect sun lens for your lifestyle, whether you're facing bright sunny days or low winter sun.

Woman in new sunglasses with tints and uv protection opticians unsworth


Experience the perfect blend of style and function. Our tinted lenses, available in three fashionable colours, are designed to elevate your eyewear game and keep your eyes protected in any environment. A full sun and UV tint can also soften bright lights and provide essential UV protection for optimal eye health.

Man wearing designer sunglasses polarised lenses at Stotts Opticians Urmston


Enhance your driving experience with our driving tint lenses. Stay safe and focused behind the wheel with these special lenses, enhancing contrast and blocking harmful UV rays, you can ensure a clearer view of the road ahead without affecting the visibility of traffic lights or signs.