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Routine Examination

Vision Really Matters

Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, yet many of us don’t know the best way to look after our eyes.

We believe that determining your prescription for glasses or contact lenses is just the start. Your optician will deliver so much more this; your eyes will be checked vigilantly for common eye diseases and many other health issues can be detected during your time in the practice. Believe it or not, your optician will often be the fist health care professional to detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Without regular examinations, not only could your eye health but also your general health could suffer.

Your Eye Examination

We recommended that you have your eyes tested at least once every two years, even if you feel that everything is fine. In some cases, we ask people to return more frequently, depending on their medical history and age. This is because very often if you do have something wrong, you won’t notice any symptoms until damage has already been caused.

Our veteran opticians, are trained and qualified to the highest standards and are known for their proficiency and non-compromising approach to caring for your eyes, with extended appointment times (minimum 30 minutes), the most advanced equipment, and unsurpassed eyewear solutions, we are recognised as a leading ‘family eye care specialist’ in local communities across the North West.

We offer all our patients an unrivalled examination that is tailored to your needs.

For more information or to book your next eye examination please call your local practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a routine eye test?

Regardless of age or physical health, routine eye examinations are extremely important for everyone. Stotts, Brown and Sutcliffes opticians offer a comprehensive eye examination to all members of the community. Routine examinations are intrinsic to ensuring that you have the best health possible.

We are committed to offering the best eye examinations and optical expertise to members of the community in Burnley, Urmston, Chorley, Unsworth, Swinton, Nelson and many of the surrounding areas. We are considered to be one of the leading ‘family eyecare specialists’ in the UK and we are proud to have a loyal patient base of over 50,000 people.

So what can be discovered from my Eye Examination?

Unlike other bodily ailments, your eyes usually tend not to hurt when something is wrong, hence why regular eye examinations are incredibly vital to maintain your health and vision. Eye examinations should be done routinely, usually every 2 years, unless indicated by your optician/doctor. One reason for this is to pick up any early signs of eye conditions before you are aware of any symptoms. Many conditions can then usually be treated when found early enough. A few diseases that can discover during your eye examination to name but a few are;

High blood pressure
Thyroid disease

Are routine eye tests required differently for adults and children?

For adults, it is advised that regular eye tests are vital to ensure that prescriptions are kept up to date enabling you to see as clearly as possible and also to be able to check for any early signs of eye disease. Regular eye tests are particularly important for children to ensure that there is normal vision development leading to optimum academic performance, too!
It is recommended that for most people, an eye test should occur every two years unless you are advised otherwise by your optometrist or GP and in these cases, you may have to be tested more regularly. For example;

If you are a child under 16 wearing glasses
If you are aged over 70
If you have diabetes
If you have Glaucoma or a family history of Glaucoma
If you are over 40 and have a family history of Glaucoma

In children, it has been noted that they rarely complain about their sight, however attention must be paid to the signs that indicate they may be struggling with their vision. Children may show visible signs that they are having visual difficulties;
If they are sitting too close to the TV
Holding objects closely to their face
If they blinking a lot and or more often than usual
Rubbing the eyes frequently
If one eye is turning in or out
Usually, children’s eyes will be tested regularly every two years however they can be tested more often if advised to do so. If you feel that your child is having difficulties with their eyesight, please do not hesitate to book an appointment at your local branch.

Our Branches across the North West are happy to offer their expert advise to you. For further information and / or to book your sight test please do contact your local Branch either in Burnley, Urmston, Chorley, Unsworth, Swinton, or Nelson.