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Why are Eye Tests so important?

Why are Eye Tests so important?
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We know all too well that for many of us, having an eye examination can seem to be a chore, however they are extremely important regardless of your age or physical health. Routine examinations are intrinsic to ensuring that you have the best health possible! What’s more, we are thrilled to announce that our Branches are now based across six locations in the North West, ensuring that regular eye examinations and optical expertise are readily available to the communities of Burnley, Urmston, Chorley, Unsworth, Swinton, and Nelson. As family eyecare specialists, Stotts provide a full eye examination and dispensing service for all members of the community from young children to senior citizens.

Unlike other bodily ailments, your eyes usually tend not to hurt when something is wrong, right? Thus, regular eye examinations are a vital health check to ensure that if there is something amiss, it can be detected and treated as swiftly as possible! It is recommended that a sight test is carried out every two years. One reason for this is to pick up on any early signs of eye conditions before you are aware of any symptoms. Many conditions can then usually be treated if found early enough through your eye examination.

For adults, it is advised that regular eye tests are vital to ensure that prescriptions are kept up to date and also to be able to check for any early signs of eye disease. Regular eye tests are equally as important for children to ensure that there is normal vision development and optimum academic performance, too. Although regular eye tests are usually conducted very two years, there are instances where an eye test may be needed more frequently. Take a gander below for some of these examples;

  • If you have diabetes
  • If you are a child wearing glasses
  • If you are over 40 and have a family
  • If you are aged over 70
  • If you have Glaucoma or a family history of Gaucoma

INTERESTING NOTE - The way that a sight test is carried out is governed by that law and the importance of an eye examination cannot be stressed enough. There are a few important factors that will be shown;


  • What your level of vision is
  • Whether you need glasses to correct your sight
  • The health of your eyes
  • An eye sight examination can give an insight into other bodily threats too such as brain tumours, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.


Furthermore, your test will show if you need you need to wear glasses for the first time, or if you need to change your current prescription.

After your sight test has been conducted, your ophthalmic practitioner will discuss your results with you and advise whether your sight needs correcting and advise on any other factors that he or she has found during the eye examination. At Stotts, we believe that your eye examination is just the start of your journey with us….

Our Branches across the North West are happy to offer their expert advise to assist in answering all and any of your queries. For further information and / or to book your sight test please do contact your local Branch either in Burnley, Urmston, Chorley, Unsworth, Swinton, or Nelson for more information.